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May, 2005

Welcome to the self-contained NSRF materials CD. Please browse this disc with the navigation of the main sections in the bar above and described below. If you have any trouble please go to the help page.

Search - keyword search for materials

A to Z - alphabetical listing of materials

Sitemap - complete listing of the materials broken into groups

Learning Communities - tools useful in building and maintaining learning communities

Protocols - CFG-specific tools

Equity - materials related to exploring equity

Inquiry - tools for exploring topics and ideas

Reflective Dialogue - tools for discussion and reflection

Experiences - activites and teambuilding exercises

Support Materials
- support materials for protocls and experiences

We have included materials from throughout the national NSRF network. We have tried our best to credit those who created the particular protocols, supporting materials and activities in the "footer" of all documents. Please contact us with any corrections. In addition, we intend for this resource to be dynamic, so please feel free to adapt these materials to your needs and send us materials you have created and/or find useful so others may be able to use them.

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