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Student Athletics

Dear Parents and Students,

Physical education is a vital part of the total education program within the Plainfield Public School district.  It is a well-documented fact that Americans become less active as they age.  Just as children and youth can learn the value of regular physical activity, they can learn to be inactive if they are not taught skills and given opportunities to be active during their childhood.  Physical education programs are the cornerstone of an active lifestyle for all students.  Our Health and Physical Education programs provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that facilitate choosing physical activity.  We believe that a physically fit body is highly advantageous for achieving success in school and life in general.  Therefore our goal is to help each student develop and maintain a high degree of physical fitness and desirable health practices.  In an attempt to have the most effective program possible, we ask for your cooperation and a life-long commitment to fitness.

It is required that parents purchase and students wear the approved Plainfield Public Schools physical education uniform.  The uniform consists of a white T-shirt and red short, both embossed with the district logo.  Students are encouraged to mark their name on the uniform for identification purposes. Sneakers must be worn at all times during physical education.  Warm-ups may be worn over their physical education uniform when the weather gets cold. Only grey warm-ups are permitted.

Physical Education uniforms may be purchased in physical education classes during the first week of school.  Beyond the first week of school, uniforms can be purchased at the school store.  The total cost for a physical education uniform will be $20.00 which includes (2) T-shirts and (2) pair of shorts.

Each student will be assigned a locker for use during his/her PE class. Students will be given a school issued lock to use to secure their items which is to be returned or a five dollar replacement fee will be charged.

Under no circumstances should students leave money, jewelry, electronic devices, or their valuables on the locker room floor, benches, bleachers or in unsecured lockers.  The Plainfield Board of Education and/or its employees will not be responsible for any loss of such items.

We are looking forward to an exciting school year as well as an opportunity to work collaboratively to ensure your child’s success.  We wish you a happy and healthy school year full of opportunities for both you and your child.

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