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Program Design



Plainfield Public School’s Office of Bilingual/ESL/WL provides services to all English Language Learners in the district. The office is located in the Board of Education building at 1200 Myrtle Avenue in room 201. The department is led by Dr. Phillip Williamson, Principal and the staff includes Idelisse Gonzalez, District Bilingual Resource Teacher, Jay Rossin, District ESL Resource Teacher and Ivette Perez, Secretary.

English Language Learners (ELL’s) are students whose first language is one other than English and whose performance on the English language proficiency test is determined to be limited. The department and its staff are available to ensure that all ELL’s in the district receive services based on their individual language needs and the programs that are in place in the district are operating in accordance with New Jersey State and Federal Guidelines for the education of limited English proficient students.

Dual Language Programs

All Elementary School Bilingual Classrooms have adopted the One-Way Dual Language Developmental Model of Instruction.  Dual language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages.
The Dual Language Immersion Program Model is a researched-based initiative which offers elementary school students the opportunity to develop proficiencies in all subject areas as determined by the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, while simultaneously acquiring a second language.  There are two Dual Language Immersion Programs currently in place in the Plainfield Public Schools, the Two-Way and the One-Way Programs. Both models utilize the 50/50 instructional dual language immersion design to promote high academic achievement. The languages of English and Spanish are the vehicles of learning within these K- 5 language immersion programs.
The Two –Way Language Immersion Program (DUAL)
One grade-level cohort  of  English language dominant speakers  and Spanish language dominant speakers  are  taught  by  One Bilingual Teacher  and  one Monolingual teacher on a weekly  rotation.  Students in both groups are integrated a minimum of 75 % of their instructional day during the school year on a week by week rotation. The language of instruction is the key factor in the delivery of content instruction by each teacher. World language teachers and ESL teachers provide language support during the L2 language week.

The One- Way Language Developmental  Program
Each   grade –level bilingual class consisting of Spanish speaking English Language Learners is taught in English and Spanish on a rotation basis. The bilingual teacher delivers instruction in   the target language for a period of one week.  ESL strategies are a common practice in the bilingual classroom during English week.  ESL support is provided by a certified ESL a minimum of one period every day. World language teachers   may provide additional Spanish language support during Spanish week.

The Goals of the Dual Language Programs are:

  • Bi-literacy - read and write at grade level or above in both languages
  • Content Area Achievement at grade level or above in all subject areas
  • Multicultural Competencies
  • High Levels of Bilingual Proficiency
  • Increase student cooperation, cultural sensitivity, and self-esteem
  • Foster cultural diversity and respect among all students, and promote a sense of community throughout the school

ESL Program

ESL is an integral component of the Dual language classrooms K-5. The ESL teacher pushes into and supports all the ELL’s in these classrooms for a minimum of  one period daily. Our ESL program also provides English language literacy support to students in general education classrooms, as well as for students who are speakers of languages other than Spanish.

Both Maxson Middle School and Hubbard Middle School house a departmentalized One Way Dual Language Program for grades 6-8. ELL’s receive native language literacy support as well as ESL instruction from ESL certified teachers and certified content area bilingual teachers.

Plainfield High School provides a departmentalized developmental One Way Dual Language program for Spanish speaking ELL’s allowing them to receive content area instruction in their native language for Math, Science, and Social Studies and in English (50/50 model) including a double period (80) minutes of ESL per day. As proficiency in English is acquired students begin to take content area classes in English while continuing to receive ESL support.

World Languages

Plainfield Public Schools offers students in all grades the opportunity to learn a foreign language. Elementary and Middle Schools offer Spanish courses. Plainfield High School and  PAAAS offers both Spanish and French courses as an option to meet the state requirement for graduation.

The Office of Bilingual, ESL, & World Languages’ goals and aims are to ensure that all schools in the district are able to:

  • Provide instruction for their English language learners in the most appropriate program format, in accordance with New Jersey English Language Proficiency Standards
  • Provide instruction that reflects the New Jersey English Language Proficiency Standards(WIDA)
  • Promote acceptance of Bilingual/ESL instruction as an integral part of the whole school reform program
  • Promote understanding and respect for diversity by students, parents, staff and community
  • Enhance the student’s self-esteem and promotes a positive school climate
  • Evaluate results and makes adjustments as warranted to address student learning at both school based and district levels
  • Support staff development on cultural and linguistic diversity, performance based assessment and second language acquisition strategies/methodologies
  • Address issues relating to staffing shortages and instructional/organizational arrangements
  • Communicate successes of Bilingual/ESL programs to the students, parents, and community
  • Actively promote parental involvement as an integral part of their student’s education