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These Genesis manuals were developed by the vendor and may not fully reflect the way Plainfield Public Schools uses the Genesis system.
Please look at the 'Genesis for the Plainfield User' page or contact the HelpDesk for clarification

  Genesis Manuals
    Emergency Broadcasts
      Attendance Code Administration
      Configuring Attrendance Check-In
      Configuring Interactions Between Daily and Class Attendance
      Create an Attendance Letter
      Daily Attendance
      Extract an Autodialer File
      Homeroom Attendance
      Using Attendance Check-In
      Using the Genesis Autodialer Function
      Daily Attendance
      Attendance Parameters
      Managing Class Attendance Codes
      Mass Assign Attendance Codes to a List of Students
      Setup Daily Attendance Class Attendance Interactions
      Adding Students to a Student List
      Copy a Student List
      Creating a Student List
      Delete a Student List
      Genesis Basics
      Genesis Guide to Student Searches and Student Lists
      Gradebook Quick Start Booklet Spring 2008
      Printing in Genesis
      Query-based Student List
      Remove Students from a Student List
      Share a Student List
      Sorting a Student List
      Student Data - Grade Search Screen
      Student Lists
      Change School End Date
      District and School Calendar Guide - 2008
      Update Cycle Daily
      Declare a Snow Day
    Code of Conduct
      Conduct Letters
      Code of Conduct
      Conduct Letters - Setting Up and Running Letters
      Running and Printing Conduct Letters
      Running Code of Conduct Letters
      View, Create and Print Individual Code of Conduct Incidents
    Data Dictionary
      Data Dictionary version 2
      Data Dictionary
    Elementary Grading
      Posting Grades
      Define an Elementary Report Card Template
      Grading Administration
      Scheduling & Gradebook Adminitrator's Guide
      Creating Data Exports
      Student Data - Creating Data Exports
      Assign Profiles to Courses
      Assingments with Not Graded Grading Types
      Color Codes Chart
      Color Schemes in the Genesis Gradebook
      Color Codes Chart
      Configuring Parent Module Gradebook Update Alerts
      Configuring the Genesis - Active Directory Link
      Controlling Teacher Comments for the Parents Module
      Count an Assignment More than Once
      Create a Single Assignment
      Create an Assignment
      Decoding Spreadsheet Column Headers
      Delete Assignments
      Exams in Genesis Gradebook
      Final Grade Calculations and Parameters
      Final Grade Calculations in Genesis Gradebook
      Genesis Gradebook 2006-07 - New Features
      Genesis Gradebook - Workgroups in Taking Class Attendance
      Genesis Gradebook - Workgroups in the Gradebook
      Genesis Gradebook Adminitrator's Guide - 2007
      Genesis Gradebook Adminitrator's Guide - Spring 2008
      Genesis Gradebook Department Head's Guide - 2007-08
      Genesis Gradebook Quick Start Guide - 2006
      Genesis Gradebook User Guide - 2007-08
      Genesis Gradebook User Guide - 2007
      Global Operations on Numeric Grades
      Grade an Assignment
      Gradebook - Student Notes
      Gradebook Comments for Parent Access
      GRADEBOOK QUICK START Booklet Spring 2008 - booklet style
      GRADEBOOK QUICK START Booklet Spring 2008 - normal page order
      Grading - Posting Grades for Dropped Students
      Icons and Flags in the Genesis Gradebook
      Mass Create Assignments
      Merge Course Sections into One Roster
      Modify a Single Assignment
      Move an Assignment from one MP to Another
      Next Year Scheduling in the Genesis Gradebook - Making Teach
      Procedure to Export Data from the Gradebook into MS Excel
      Requirements for a Merit - Demerit System - for Academy Charter School
      Setup Course Profiles
      Trashcan and UNDO in Genesis Gradebook
      Turn off the New Indicators
      Using the Gradebook Spreadsheet Highlighter
      Grading - Guide to the Genesis Grading Module Part I
      Grading - Guide to the Genesis Grading Module
      Grading - Setup Attendance Loss of Credit
      Grading - Setup Final Grade Calculations and Parameters
      Grading Administration - Configuring a Grade of Exempt
      Grading Administration - Configuring Alpha Grades
      Grading Administration - Configuring Exemptions
      Grading Administration - Copying Report Card Templates
      Grading Administration - Honor Rolls
      Grading Administration - Secondary School Report Cards
      Grading Administration - Setting Up Grading Collections - re
      Grading Administration - Setting Up Grading Comments
      Grading Administration - Setting Up Marking Periods and Interims
      Grading and Scheduling Administration - Semester Types and Durations
      Setup Alpha Grades.pdf
    New Jersey
      Genesis Administration - Fix Language Codes
      Genesis Administration - Fix State of NJ Language Codes
      NJ SMART Data Collect, View and Export - Dec 1, 2007 Special
      NJ SMART Data Collect, View and Export - Special Ed Collection
      NJ SMART Data Collect, View and Export
      NJ SMART Data Elements
      NJ SMART Data Extract and Export
      Pilot ALGEBRA II Test Pre-ID Labels
      Create a New Visit
      Modify Nurse Visit
      Setup Nurses Module
      Use the Nurse Daily Medications Screen
      Use the Nurse New Medication Screen
      Use the Nurse Search Visits Screen
    Overview Guides
      Guide to the Genesis Grading Module
    Parent Access
      Parent Administration - Login Screen Forgot Password Link
      Parent Administration - Viewing Report Cards in the Parents
      Parent Module Administration
      Parent Access Manual - For Parents
      Homebound Instruction
      Pre-registrater a Student
      Re-enter a Student
      Registrater a Student
      Registration Overview
      Transfer a student within a District
      Transferring INACT Students Back to Active Status
      Withdraw a Student from the District
    Report Writer
      REPORT WRITER GUIDE - normal layout
      Next Year Scheduling - Initial Setup
      Next Year Scheduling - Teacher Recommendation - Course Request
      Next Year Scheduling - Using Teacher Recommendations
      Next Year Scheduling in the Genesis Gradebook - Making Teacher Recommendations
      Scheduling - Next Year Initial Setup
      Scheduling - Setting the Override Password
      Scheduling - Setting Up Graduation Requirements
      Scheduling Administration - Bell Periods
      Scheduling Guide - Course Section Management
      Scheduling Guide - Set Next School and Next Grade for Students
      Scheduling Guide - Student Requests - Individual Student Req
      Scheduling Guide - Student Requests - Mass Student Request Operations
      Change My Password
      Genesis Security Entry Screen
      Genesis Security Overview
      Managing Users
      Setup a Genesis Role
    State Reports
      Guide to NJ ASSA 2007 in Genesis
    Student Data
      Create and Run Student Letters
      Genesis Administration - Graduation Date Assignments
      Genesis Administration - Student Pass Setup
      Insert Student Data in Letters
      Language Matching Table
      Student Data - Basic Searching and Editing
      Student Data - Bus Assignments
      Student Data - Creating Data Exports
      Student Data - Creating Student Data Letters
      Student Data - Lunch Applications
      Student Data - Mass Change Facility
      Student Data - Running Student Letters
      Student Data - Student Schedules
      Student Data Letters
      Student Data -Student Fines
      Transferring Ownership of an Export
    Summer Rollover
      CHECKLIST - Prepare to Open School
      Genesis Administration - Summer Rollover
      Genesis Summer School Guide
      Summer Rollover Guide 2008
      Transcript Administration - Copying Transcripts