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Student Intervention and Family Support Services (SIFSS)

The Educational Services - Department of Student Intervention and Family Support Services (SIFSS) understands the complexity of childrearing in today’s society and the multitudes of external forces that impact a child’s academic performance. SIFSS addresses the special needs and challenges that may present barriers to academic achievement and healthy adolescent development. The department accomplishes this goal through a holistic approach to service delivery, program development and implementation by incorporating district, local, state, and federal resources. This support includes locating community resources, developing additional resources where none exists and providing staff training to help our educators understand the social service.

The SIFSS Department is composed of the following areas:

Nursing Services – Our nurses are responsible for immunizations and follow-up, communicable disease control, vision and hearing screening and follow-up, health assessment and referrals, health counseling and education for students and families. School nursing services is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students. To that end, the school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self management, self advocacy, and learning.
Intervention & Referral Services

Family Support Service Teams – The Family Support Teams work with the community to increase and integrate the use of social services and resources; intervene with individual students (formerly the function of the Pupil Assistance Committee); implement effective systems for referrals and case management; and ensure compliance with all district, state and federal policies. Each school has an in-house SIFSS Team which helps students who are having difficulty in school. A referral to the SIFSS Team may make a difference in a child’s academic success. The teams receive referrals from teachers, building administrators, parents and community members and work with the referring party and the student’s family to develop strategies and interventions.

Extended Day Program – The mission of the Extended Day Program is to provide a safe, well supervised environment beyond the traditional school day in which youth can participate in a variety of educational, cultural, and recreational activities

designed to foster a commitment to education and life-long learning, prevent destructive behavior, and fulfill each individual's potential for intellectual, emotional, and social growth.
This program was designed to support academic achievement and promote the overall growth and development of students. Activities focused on assisting students with improving their math and literacy skills, as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in experiences that enhance their ability to make positive life choices. The extended day component operates the following programs:

  • Family Friendly Programs
  • Summer Enrichment Programs

The Plainfield Family Success Center (PFSC) - The Plainfield Family Success Center is a safe and supportive home-like environment designed to strengthen families, build relationships, and empowers individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to raise healthy and happy children. The center is a community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering place where any community resident can go for family support, information and services. The Center aims to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing families with convenient access to a wide array of resources that can help them keep children safe. Services include:

  • Linking Families to Services in the Community
  • Family Enrichment Seminars
  • Healthcare Education
  • Cross-Cultural Family Dinners
  • Job Training
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Life Skills
  • Training Advocacy

Family Outreach Program (FOP) - The Family Outreach Program provides technical assistance and support for 32 Family Workers employed by 16 subcontracted childcare centers within the City of Plainfield. The goal of the FOP is to provide Family Workers with quality training and support geared toward enhancing and improving their knowledge in the areas of child and family development so that they may adequately address complex and difficult issues that many families face.


School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) - The School Based Youth Services Program is funded by the State Department of Children and Families, Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships Office of School Linked Services and the Plainfield Board of Education. SBYSP is designed to enrich and enhance the lives of youth in Plainfield at the secondary school level. Located at Maxson, Hubbard, and the Plainfield High School, the program is designed to help increase the likelihood of students completing their education by providing a variety of support services which could help many students negotiate their adolescent years. Each site has a recreation program where students can go after school to participate in a safe, non-threatening environment. Components sponsored by the SBYSP are:

  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI): The APPI program, which is known to students as the Promise Program, is a pregnancy prevention initiative implemented in each secondary school in the district.
  • Employment Services: The goal of the Employment Services program is to provide 8th – 12th grade students, as well as out-of-school youth with skills that enhance their ability to seek, secure and maintain employment.
  • Counseling Services: The counseling component of the SBYSP assists students who experience a broad range of problems and exhibit various levels of functioning. Counselors work with students individually and in groups, provide in-home services as necessary, and involve parents in treatment through periodic telephone contact and by holding family meetings.
  • Teen Parenting Program: The Plainfield Teen Parenting Program provides comprehensive support services for teenage parents and their children. The program is designed to assist young mothers and fathers in continuing and completing their high school education, and ultimately attending college, vocational training or becoming gainfully employed. Students enrolled in the program receive free on-site childcare services, parent education and counseling services, and case management services including monthly home visits.
  • Youth Development: The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Toward Empowerment and Respect for Self (SISTERS) consists of young women from PHS who have chosen to empower themselves and other young women by promoting awareness related to women’s issues of the students at PHS. The program encourages unity and sisterhood among young women regardless of age, race, ethnicity and personal differences.
  • The Young Men’s Leadership Program: This program is designed to support the academic, social and emotional growth of male students at PHS and Maxson Middle School. The goal of the program is to prevent school dropout, decrease disruptive school behavior and suspensions, promote academic achievement, increase self-esteem, encourage positive conflict resolution and foster positive relationships among male students.
  • Volunteering is Priceless (VIP): The VIP program consists of student members attending meetings regularly and providing feedback about existing services as well as gaps in services from a youth’s perspective. Students are actively participating in providing community service to both the school and community at large.
  • The Peer Health Educators of Plainfield (PHEOP): The program is designed to train high school students to conduct health-related workshops for their peers. Participants learn material and conduct workshops on health topics such as acquaintance rape, HIV and AIDS, positive relationships, pregnancy prevention, violence and self-injurious behavior, and nutrition and exercise.
  • The Family Empowerment Program (FEP): This program is located at PHS and works with students and families to strengthen family communication. The FEP team consists of two workers, a Family Systems Specialist and a Community Resource Specialist, who meet with the students individually as well as in family sessions. The program is designed to assist families and students in creating a healthier environment at home and school.
21st CCLC - The mission of Plainfield 21st CCLC programs is to provide a safe, well-supervised environment beyond the traditional school day in which youth participate in a variety of educational, cultural, and youth development activities designed to foster a commitment to education and life-long learning, to promote positive behavior, and to fulfill each individual's potential for intellectual, emotional, and social growth. The Plainfield 21st Century Community Learning Centers delivers comprehensive expanded learning services to 301 students at Hubbard Middle School (Grades 6-8, 60 students), Jefferson Elementary School (Grades 4-5, 60 students), CH Stillman Elementary School (Grades 4-6, 45 students), Evergreen Elementary School (Grades 4-5, 80 students), and Washington Community School (Grades 4-5, 60 students).  The elementary schools’ operation hours are 2:45pm-5:45pm M-F.  Hubbard’s operation hours are 3pm-6pm M-F. There is no program on half school days, holidays, and weekends. CH Stillman runs a Saturday OWL Academy in partnership with 21st CCLC 8:30AM-12:30PM. It starts in February and runs through May each school year.

The program integrates academic learning with enrichment, is culturally sensitive, and aligned with the school district’s curricular initiatives.  Each center offers age appropriate activities in a variety of curricula areas to address the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the students, including general education students, students with disabilities, and English language learners.  All centers provide a basic core program of services (tutoring, homework assistance, technology skills building, academic enrichment in math, science, language arts, physical activities, arts and culture, and parental involvement activities).  These activities are custom designed to match the needs and interests of the students and their families at each school.

The academic component is scientifically based, developed around New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), National Core Arts Standards (NCAS), and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), supported by the academic instruction that takes place during the regular school day and provides increased opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and mastery of skills necessary for academic success.  In addition, the centers offer opportunities for students to develop socialization and leadership skills as well as engagement in supervised sports and recreational activities. Each site extends the learning outside the classroom by taking relevant but fun field trips, both during after school and in the summer learning camp.

The Plainfield 21st CCLC Program is a year round program that offers a 5-Week Summer Learning Camp, 8AM-4PM, M-F, for students in 4th-12th grades.  The Summer Learning Camp is in partnership with School Based Youth Services and Plainfield Community Outreach each year. The students enjoy a rigorous but fun learning experience aligned to the school year grade level curriculum M-TH and are rewarded with an educational field trip each Friday. The Summer Learning Camp provides enrichment activities for program participants through the use of the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School model curriculum and themed instructional units.  The Summer Learning Camp supports children and families around essential components that include high quality, theme based academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, civic engagement and social action, visual and performing arts, intergenerational servant leadership development, nutrition, health, and mental well-being (www.childrensdefense.org, 2016). The next to last day of the Summer Learning Camp the children put on a themed dance production and showcase their themed instructional artifacts in the form of a Cultural Museum Experience (CME) at Plainfield High School.

For more information about registering your child contact:
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21st CCLC Project Director
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Chantal Joseph
21st CCLC Project Secretary
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