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Special Education, Gifted & Psychological Services

The Department of Special Education provides quality coordinated special education programs and other related support services for 974 students with disabilities as mandated by N.J. C.A 6A:14. Twenty-seven dedicated full time professionals coordinate the provision of seven distinctly different programs and multiple related services to 15 in-district schools and many out of district schools.  Special Education programs are also critical in the development of activities to address a variety of global school-based issues and concerns surrounding achievement and maximizing student potential. The department provides professional development for district support personnel in areas of state mandated training, best practices for instruction and specific areas of disabilities.

Additionally the department works collaboratively with general education programs and Intervention and Referral Services to provide early intervening services and reduce referrals with programs to assist students whose academic performance is negatively impacted by academic, social, emotional, behavior and health issues.

Tangible/Measurable Evidence
  • Increase inclusive programming throughout the district
  • Support district staff on all Special Education Program Mandates
  • Expand district programming to include all students with special needs
  • Improve student achievement
Special Education Programs
  Project Child Find
Contact Information

General Contact Information
1200 Myrtle Ave
Plainfield, New Jersey 07063
Room 306
Telephone: 908-731-4379
Fax: 908-731-4404

Ms. Antoinette Adams
Vice Principal of Special Education Gifted & Psychological Services
(908) 731-4200 Ext. 5205

Ms. Elizabeth Filippatos
Coordinator of Special Education Programs

  Sharon Lopresti  
  Beverly Hair  
  Miranda Quarles  
Child Study Teams and Related Services Providers
LDT-Cs School Psychologists Social School Workers
Judith Lescarret Ray Aboff Mortel Grant-Giles
Donna Reed Hubert Cassandre Balant Claudine Lewis
Robert Larsen Kanan Shah Sara Munoz
Tabitha Wamakema Sandra Smiley Melissa Remo
Joanne Sanders Leorah Weiss Shana Solomon-Christian
  Claudia Branco Alece Dikerson
    Karen Richards
Psychiatrist Neurologist Speech Specialists
Dr. Nancy Durant Dr. Ira Morganstern Cynthia Davis
  Dr. Kavita Sinha Tracy Easley
    Vinette Klisch
    Patty Lewis
    Deborah Zakarin
    Laurel Thurston
    Kelly McCarthy
    Lyubov Romanishcheva

Plainfield Public School’s Teaching Staff
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