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Barack Obama Academy - General Information

The Barack Obama Academy of Academic and Civic Development (BOAACD) is a public alternative high school consisting of grades nine through twelve promoting academic achievement and civic responsibility. Our school framework enriches student academic performance, through the successful implementation of personalized educational plans. The BOAACD is a small learning community designed to:

  • Construct and apply new knowledge across varying challenging work activities.
  • Generate innovative solutions that require predicting, analyzing, forecasting, forming perspective, and recognizing patterns.
  • As a member of a team collaboratively assess the success of Project Based Learning projects using a variety of strategies.
  • Integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines transitioning across curricula through the development of Project Based Learning exercises and individualized learning opportunities.

The students and teaching staff will develop in collaboration:

  • A personalized learning program focused on each student’s career interests.
  • A thoughtful integration of academic and technical skills’ development.
  • Opportunities for each student to engage with adults working in the student’s career interest area.
  • Requirements that students exhibit skill and understanding through authentic performance demonstrations.

Our school's curriculum is aligned to the new Common Core State Standards allowing teachers to integrate common instructional goals, which fosters a rigorous academic learning environment. The staff of BOAACD realizes that as positive role models their influence extends far beyond the classroom and is fundamental in the creation of a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive academic environment. Our students thrive because of our lower teacher/student ratios and the establishment of positive learning relationships among families, educators, faith groups, civic organizations, businesses and other members of the community.

BOAACD parents are welcome to visit the school building, talk with teachers and staff, voice concerns, share ideas, serve as volunteers, and suggest ways to improve our school. We are committed to developing meaningful relationships with our neighbors by attending community events and forming partnerships with local organizations to maintain the development of a positive learning community. The students will design a detailed plan for graduation in concert with their guidance counselor identifying the specific courses they must take, opportunities they should pursue, and extra help they need in order to succeed in school and beyond. Every student receives frequent and ongoing support from at least one academic advisor and our parents can access their children’s academic and social progress through the Genesis Parental Portal.

“Michelle and I are here only because we were given a chance at an education. I will not settle for an America where some kids don’t have that chance.” ~ President Barack Obama ~

Contact Information
Principal: Kevin Stansbury
Secretary: Sherry Gomes
Counselor: Sa-Kina Calder
Student Awareness Counselor: Andre Taylor