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Barack Obama Academy - Principal's Corner

To our parents/guardians,

This has been a great year thus far as we are encouraged about the development of our educational school redesign and are completing our first trimester, December 6, 2016. Early indications are that the students are responding to the new academic approach. I would also, like to take this opportunity to thank our parents/guardians for your participation in the recent Student/Parent Conferences as we exceeded the number of parents who have attended in the past. This is a year of change and we remain confident that the students will continue to increase their academic development and increase their level of scholastic achievement. I am also proud to say that our school attendance has improved dramatically and we thank you for your assistance in getting our students to school on time and ready to learn. We are really excited about where we are right now as a school community and expect continued improvement throughout the academic school year. If you have any questions of concerns, please contact me at 908-731-4200 extension 5079.

Kevin Stansbury