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Emerson Elementary School - General Information

Emerson Elementary School is located in the Plainfield Public Schools district in Union County. The school has a multicultural student body and staff. Academic instruction is implemented through the curriculum subjects of Language Arts, Read 180, Reading Plus, Every Day Math, Social Studies, Science and Fine and Performing Arts. Student performance continues to be assessed by using district and standards-based tests, targeted skills data, and classroom portfolios. Teachers collect and analyze the data from these different sources so that a plan for improvement based on the instructional needs of each student can be developed. Our goal is to move students to proficient and advanced proficient across all grade levels.

Emerson School uses Curriculum Mapping to ensure that all essential standards for each subject will be taught in a timely manner prior to the standardized tests. During weekly staff development and grade level meetings teachers work in a collaborative effort to list the standards and objectives that they will teach each month and the strategies utilized so that the students are successful. In addition to this, teachers complete their targeted skills based on previous test data gathered from secure goals and holistic assessments. The purpose of this is to identify skills to focus on where students need improvement to achieve proficiency levels. All of this data is organized in a data binder for student conferencing data chats, parent communication and planning of rigorous data driven instruction.

Emerson School is a Collaborative Learning Community Model School. Using protocols designed for collaborative reflective practice, we meet on a monthly basis to examine and analyze student/adult work, and review research-based literature that is focused on teaching, learning and sharing of best practices.

Emerson School works in Partnership with the Family Friendly Center to conduct the S.T.E.E.P. (Striving towards Educational Excellence and Performance) Program. This after school program offers additional instructional support and recreational activities to students in grades 3-6 for three additional hours beyond the school day for 5 days a week. The after school safety net program also provides supplemental academic support for students with deficiencies in identified sub-skills for Language Arts and Math. The program allows students to better prepare for the NJASK state test by focusing on targeted skills gathered from data assessment.

STEEP also provides our families an opportunity to increase their parental knowledge of their child’s academic requirements through parent workshops and activities. These activities are designed to encourage and foster sharing, support, knowledge building and parent networking. They also provide information for parents to gain access to other local resources which are distributed by the coordinators.

Reading in school and at home is also highly encouraged at Emerson School. Students in all grades are expected to “Drop Everything and Read” during D.E.A.R Time twice a week and then write about their leisure books. They also record their response to Harcourt literature in book logs and through homework assignments. As an organizational tool all students have student portfolios which are utilized daily as a ritual and routine to organize homework, tests, work in progress and other relevant classroom information.

Emerson successfully maintains our school uniform policy. We have created an academy school climate where the majority of our students wear the custom made monogrammed burgundy and grey prep school uniforms. The uniforms consist of pleated skirts, khaki pants, rompers, cardigan sweaters and polo shirts. Emerson maintains their objective of having all students in these uniforms no later then the end of the first marking period for every school year.

At Emerson our philosophy is “The Clock is ticking on Children’s Lives” and we don’t have a second to waste. We have devoted every second of the school day to rigorous data driven instruction and positive student growth and development. By maintaining this focus and partnerships with parents and community we are moving our children to be successful and thriving members of their communities and the society in which we live.

Emerson School is serious about learning! No Alibis! No Excuses! No Exceptions!

Contact Information
Principal: Dr. Frank Asante
Secretary: LaRoya Barnes
Secretary: Mercedes Hazuri
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