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Hubbard Middle School - General Information

Frank J. Hubbard Middle School is located in the southwest section of the City of Plainfield, surrounded by the Van Wyck historic district. Hubbard has a rich history in the city serving its residents as an educational center for over eight decades. It is currently home to an ethnically diverse population of over 650 scholars, and an equally diverse faculty and staff of 87 members entrusted with providing sound and rigorous academic instruction while supporting our scholars’ social and emotional development. The ratio of scholars to practitioners is approximately 23:1 and all instructional staff members are highly qualified in their subject area. Hubbard Middle School is home to scholars in grades six through eight. Hubbard Middle School in its determination to move out of the state’s Priority Status will implement single gender instructional classes in the content areas of math, literacy, science, and social studies for scholars in grade six (6). Our seventh (7) and eighth (8) grade scholars will learn in a coed setting for the 2016 – 2017 academic year. These steps have been taken in an effort to improve our scholars’ academic performances overall. Parents of our sixth (6) grade scholars have the right to opt out of having their children participate in the single gender instructional setting.

As a Priority school, Hubbard Middle School’s core instructional delivery (Math, Literacy, Science & Social Studies) is guided by the state’s Common Core Standard’s Model Curriculum. Classroom practitioners employ research-based and multiple instructional strategies to engage our diverse population of scholars. During the course of the academic year, our scholars are cycled through elective offerings in World Languages (Spanish and/or Mandarin), Art, Technology/Media, Vocal/Choral Music, Band/Instrumental Music, and Dance. To enhance the quality of instructional engagement and delivery, each core classroom is outfitted with a Promethean board along with multiple desktop computers, and our scholars are provided 1:1 devices to support their work at school and home. Classroom practitioners additionally have access to two computer labs within the building to support whole class technology based lesson activities, and our updated media center serves as a research and technology lab where practitioners and the media specialist collaborate to work on various projects throughout the academic year. Hubbard Middle School’s practitioners utilize the web–based programs Achieve 3000’s eScience and literacy platform, Zing (ELA), CMP Math IXL, Edmentum (ESL) and Ed-Connect, as instructional and supplemental tools to support differentiating the learning experiences of our scholars. In an effort to strengthen our scholars’ foundational skills in literacy and mathematics, we have created a schedule with additional built-in time for intervention support twice a week.

To meet our college and career readiness and to broaden the learning lens of our scholars, Hubbard Middle School on a monthly basis will expose our scholars to various career fields through its “Executive Sessions.” Additionally, Hubbard Middle School will continue to maintain its relationship with Rutgers’ MEET (Minorities Engineering Educational Task) organization to facilitate our annual Engineering Day with our eighth grade scholars. We also look to expand our partnership with Dreams for Kids, Inc. and form new partnerships to enhance our community outreach.

As a Priority school, Hubbard Middle School has shown significant increase in its scholars’ growth percentile over a three-year period (SY 2012–2013 through SY2014–2015) and was invited as one of only two Priority schools in the state to be part of the commissioner of education’s roundtable in the spring of 2016. Our goal to be declassified as a Priority school remains the same and will require the continued support, cooperation and commitment of our parents, scholars, faculty, administration, the district board, and the Hubbard community at large. Our motto for this academic year is “Forward Ever, Backwards Never – Striving for Excellence.” So join us in making history together for Hubbard and the Queen City.



Hubbard Middle School empowers scholars to become culturally responsible, critical thinkers and change agents within the global community by being self-motivated, self-sufficient, and productive citizens.



Hubbard Middle School provides scholars with a safe and well maintained environment where they learn collectively, work collaboratively, and are provided with 21st century academic and career readiness skills. Administrators are positive and supportive, parental and community involvement is encouraged, and staff works cohesively to provide a quality education. In addition, compassion and respect are modeled as scholars thrive in a culturally rich environment.

Contact Information
Principal: Kwame Asante
Vice-Principal - Dr. Najla Solomon
Secretary: Diana Posada
Secretary: Susan Trammell
Nurse: Sharon Hammond
Guidance: Angela Mosley
Social Worker: Patricia King-Gibb
SBYS TEAM: Nabiliah Muhammad-Ishmail
SBYS TEAM: Tiana Mayes
SBYS TEAM: Belinda Davis
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