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PAAAS - Principal's Corner

March 1, 2018

Dear Parents:

All parents have concerns about the safety of their children and about safety and security measures and practices that are in place and carried out daily at the Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies. As Principal, along with Vice Principal Hill, we wanted you to be aware of the security measures already in place throughout the school and the efforts to reinforce those measures.

The staff frequently reviews our School Safety Plan and recently updated and reviewed the Safety Drill Procedures. We are doing all that we can to make sure all safety measures are fully operational.

For your information:
• Security cameras are monitored at the front entrance, the exterior of the school, and throughout the school building.
• The school works closely with the Plainfield Police Department, and Mr. Edwards, Plainfield Public Schools Director of Security.
• The school engages in school-wide emergency drills for fire drills, shelter-in-place drills, and lockdown procedures as well as other security drills.
• Security monitoring devices and safety practices are continuously evaluated, tested, and updated.

As an additional safety measure, our school implements a safety procedure for all visitors and guests who attempt to enter our school building. A driver’s license, or government issued ID card, will be required for entrance to the building.

We realize that these security procedures may be somewhat inconvenient for parents, students, and staff. However, it is necessary for us to take these special precautions to protect our scholars.


Dr. Angela Bento Mrs. Aurora J. Hill
Principal Vice Principal