Superintendent Video Message for June

Good Afternoon Plainfield Public School Family,


As we move into week 12 of virtual teaching and learning,  I would like to sincerely say thank you to every teacher, parent, and student for your tenacity. 

We know this has been a challenging time however, we have preserved by obtaining devices and hotpots for those families who needed them, provided breakfast and lunch since March 18th, provided updates to students and families via our website and in the spirit of maintaining a sense of community,  some schools have held virtual PTO meetings.  This is this just an example of how we HAVE continued to CHAMPION  for our students. I have a few updates I would like to share:

1.   To ensure equitable access, all students will be able to keep their devices throughout the summer months. If you are relocating, please contact your child’s principal to return the device.

2.   Our grab and go breakfast and lunch program will continue at "currently designated sites" throughout the summer months.

3.   Parents – if you have belongings that you would like to collect from your child’s school, please email the principal to schedule a time to collect your things. Just a friendly reminder, we are still practicing social-distancing and only a few persons will be allowed into the building. Lastly you must have a mask or some kind of face covering to enter the building as not to spread the coronavirus.

4.   My final announcement is to seniors –Our Virtual graduation plans are in full swing  and scheduled for Monday, June 22. PAAAS will begin at 9:00 a.m. and Plainfield High School will begin at 1:00 p.m.  If you’d like to add a congratulatory message to our seniors, please visit our website.

5.   The final day for teachers and students will be June 19, 2020.

To medial community and our especially Plainfield nurses are  working to help others --  Thank you.

Finally, to those families who have been affected by the Coronavirus, I pray for a speedy recovery.