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Kindergarten - Animals Two by Two Unit

Kindergarten - Exploring Heredity Interim

Kindergarten - Lets Move Unit

Kindergarten - Living Things Interim

Kindergarten - Weather Unit

Grade 2 - Changes Unit

Grade 2 - Life Cycles of Butterflies Unit

Grade 3 - Plant Growth and Development Unit

Grade 4 - Animal Studies Unit

Grade 4 - Earth's Place in the Universe Interim

Grade 4 - Energy Interim

Grade 4 - Land and Water Unit

Grade 4 - Measurement -Scientific Practices Interim

Grade 5 - Environments Unit

Grade 5 - Life Cycles Interim

Grade 5 - Motion and Design Unit

Grade 5 - Scientist's Expert Interim

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Argumentation in Science Education

Helping Students Evaluate the Strength of Evidence in Scientific Arguments

Lets Talk Science

Making and Defending Scientific Arguments

Negotiation Cycle to Promote Argumentation in Science Classrooms

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The Practice of Critical Discourse in Science Classrooms


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