Description of Services/Programs

The Child Study Team

The Child Study Team (CST) is a group of three professionals who evaluate children for special education services. The basic Child Study Team(CST) consists of a school psychologist, a learning disabilities/teacher-consultant, a school social worker, and (for preschool students) a speech-language specialist. CST members also provide ongoing services for students after educational classifications are designated. As a student's case manager individual CST members are responsible for overseeing their educational program.

Speech Language

Certified speech and language specialists evaluate students to determine if they are eligible for speech services. If a student qualifies for the program, the parent/guardian is consulted, and an Individual Education Plan is developed for the child. Speech-language pathologist/speech language specialists are professionals who diagnose and treat speech, language, and related disorders. They teach people coping strategies and provide treatment to eliminate speech, language, and related problems. Speech-language pathologists are often referred to as speech-language specialists.

Occupational Therapy

School-based occupational therapy helps students facing physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges that affect their school performance, socialization, and health. It is designed to enhance the student’s ability to function successfully in an educational environment. Teachers and occupational therapists work collaboratively toward the achievement of this goal.

Physical Therapy

The role of the Physical Therapist (as a related services provider) is to help children:
1. Access the physical setting of the educational environment.
2. Participate in the curriculum as defined by the educational system and documented in the Individualized Education Program (IEP).