Project Child Find:

Parents who suspect their preschool-age child may have special needs may obtain free help from their local school district’s Child Study Team. This also includes mobile migrant and homeless children, who may need but are not receiving special education services.

Any parent who has concerns about the development of:

· Significant delays in acquiring language or significant speech problems

· Significant difficulty walking, running, or manipulating small objects

· Frequent health problems or disabilities present from birth

· Consistent trouble seeing or hearing

· Tendency toward temper tantrums or excessive anxiety/shyness

· Significant difficulty playing appropriately with other children

· Significant problems paying attention and listening

For further information, please call Plainfield Public Schools, Office of Special

Education, at 908-731-4379.

How to Request a Child Study Team (CST) Evaluation

Please see the below guidelines regarding parent letters requesting Child Study Team evaluations. Please reach out to the Office of Interventions for any questions or concerns at 908.731.4200 EXT 5205

  • Parents/Guardians are entitled to request a Child Study Team meeting through written communication
  • Parent/Guardian letters should include the below information:
    • Date
    • Parent/Guardian Name
    • Relationship with the student
    • Address of parent/guardian and student
    • Student Name
    • Student Birthdate
    • Student School
    • Reason for requesting CST
    • Signature
  • Any medical notes MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian letter
  • All parent/guardian letters must be submitted to the Office of Interventions for processing

    Office of Interventions, Students Services Department
    Marcos Bayas 1200 Myrtle Ave.
    Plainfield, NJ 07063

Cómo solicitar una evaluación del Equipo de estudio del estudiante (CST)

Consulte las pautas a continuatión con respecto a las cartas de los padres que solicitan evaluaciones del Equipo de estudio estudiantil. Comuniquese con la Oficina de Intervenciones si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud al 908.731.4200 EXT 5205

  • Los padres/tutores tienen derecho a solicitar una reunion del Equipo de estudio del niño a traves de una communicacion escrita.
  • Las cartas de los padres/tutores deben incluir la siguiente informacion:
    • Fecha
    • Nombre del padre/tutor
    • Relacion con el estudiante
    • Nombre del estudiante
    • Fecha de nacimiento del estudiante
    • Escuela del estudiante
    • Motivo de la solicitud
    • Firma del padre/tutor legal
  • Todas las nortas medicas DEBEN ir acompañadas de una carta del padre/tutor
  • Todas las cartas de padres/tutores deben enviarse a la Ofician de Intervenciones para su procesamiento.
    • Escanee la carta y enviela por correo electronico a: [email protected]
    • Envie la carta a:

    Office of Interventions, Students Services Department
    Marcos Bayas 1200 Myrtle Ave.
    Plainfield, NJ 07063

Information on Transition at age three

NJ Department of Education Special Education

PRISE (Parental Rights in Special Education)

NJAC 6A Chapter 14

Division of Developmental Disabilities:

 · Provides public funding for services and supports that assist New Jersey adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities age 21 and older to live as independently as possible · Links to regional/local office contacts, SSI and Medicaid eligibility, support coordination, and other services can be found here 

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

 · After web address is located, click on “PLAN”, then under “Just For You” click on Vocational Rehabilitation Services 

· The mission of DVRS is to enable eligible individuals with disabilities to achieve an employment outcome consistent with their strengths, priorities, needs, abilities, and capabilities 

Social Security Administration – SSI:

 · This link provides information on how to apply for supplemental security income (SSI) which is a requirement for individuals who wish to receive DDD-funded services 

· Links to completing and tracking an application, as well as requirements, can be found here 

Medicaid application/eligibility:

 · This website/link provides information on applying and receiving Medicaid eligibility/coverage, which is another requirement for individuals who wish to receive DDD-funded services 


· When Applying for guardianship of the person only, use this form: 


· When applying for guardianship of the person and property, use this form: