KeyNet Employee Portal

Keystone Info Systems LogoKeyNet Employee Portal is a full-service, login/password protected website, which provides easy, online access to a wealth of information for your organization’s employees.

  • Employees can access extensive personal data online, including demographic information, certifications, years of service, payroll history, deductions, direct deposit information, payroll taxes, check history
  • Employees can request changes to certain personal data (adjusted to be in line with District procedures).
  • When changes are being processed by human resources, the employee can see that the change is “pending,” and view the actual request that is pending.
  • Employees can add direct deposit accounts, change withholdings, and view specific detail about benefit programs
  • Integrated with e-mail functionality – for example, an e-mail can be sent to appropriate HR staff when employees request changes
  • Drill-down capability to paycheck detail (potential to replace hard-copy direct deposit vouchers)
  • Links to e-mail appropriate personnel in the District’s HR/Payroll departments

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