Q. I completed my grades in my grade book, but they aren’t appearing on the Report Card. Why?

  • A. If grades are not posted through Post Grades, they will not appear on the Report Card.

Q. I have a student that earned 90’s in each of 3 assignments and a 0 for one assignment. Why is his marking period average so low?

  • A. The assignment averages are calculated based upon a weighted average. The higher grades were assessed at a smaller weight than the zero. This would cause the average to be less than expected. The weight is determined by the category chosen.

Q. Can I change or add categories and/ weights?

  • A. The categories and corresponding weights have been set by the district and system has been configured to follow these district guidelines. These cannot be changed.

Q. There are students in my grade book that are no longer in my class. Can I delete them?

  • A. You should contact the scheduling designee in your building with all roster changes. After reporting these changes, you should hide the student in your grade book to avoid wrongfully taking attendance or assigning 0’s.

Q. Will a zero be counted against my students?

  • A. Yes, zeros are calculated in the weighted average. To not have the assignment affect a student’s grade, leave the box blank.

Q. Can I use a check mark to show that a student completed an assignment?

  • A. Check marks can be used in the grade book; however, the check mark equates to a numeric value and that value will affect the student’s average.

Q. I had this grade book yesterday and now it’s gone. How do I get it back?

  • A. After logging in to Genesis, in the center of your home screen. Click on the check box that says Show Hidden.

Q. I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Q. Can I communicate with the Parents via Genesis?

  • A. Yes, if a parent has an account in the Parent Module, the teacher will be able to leave comments that will appear directly in the parent portal.

Q. Will parents be able to see my whole grade book?

  • A. No, they will only see the portion of your grade book that pertains to their child including grades, attendance and comments you enter.

Q. Can I use the back button on the browser?

  • A. You should get in the habit of using the Genesis back button (<<). Using the browser back button can cause a potential loss of data.

Q. Where is the Genesis Dashboard?

  • A. It is located at the top right of the Genesis screen.

Q. Can I print the Genesis screen when the printer icon is not available in the Genesis Dashboard?

  • A. You can use the browser File>Print, but you may have to change the page setup to get all the information on your printout.

Q. How can I get help?

  • A. There are two ways to help easily from anywhere. First, you can click on the question mark in the Genesis Dashboard to access a Help page. You can also go to the district website and click on the Genesis link which will direct you to manuals as well as many more important documents regarding Genesis for the Plainfield user.

Q. Can I create an Excel Spreadsheet of all the students in my school? How?

  • A. Go to Student Search, clear all data fields except SCHOOL and ACTIVE STUDENTS, click search. After the student list is populated below, click on the MS Excel icon in the Genesis Dashboard.

Q. How do I lookup students in another school?

  • A. This can be done two ways. One way is by using the School drop down located at the top center of the screen. When you log in, the active school in that box should be your home school. If it is not, contact the . The other way is on the Student Search page, next to the school field click on the ellipse (…) and then select the schools in which you would like to search.

Q. How can I email reports to someone?

  • A. When selecting criteria for the reports, include the person’s name you would like to email the report to before generating it. If you need to send the report to multiple users, the easiest way is to generate it, save it to your local machine and then email it to the users as an attachment.

Q. How do I make a Student list?

  • A. Go to the Student Search screen and set the criteria you desire and search. One the students appear click the check box next to the names of the particular students (or click the check box next to the label ID to select them all), then at the bottom of the screen select the box that says Add checked students to a new list: and in the box type the name of the list and click ok.