Press Releases

2023.03.02 Read Across America
2023.03.03 Angelina Almont Signs with Middlesex College
2023.02.22 Flag Football
2023.02.13 Athletics Meet the Coaches
2023.02.14 Black History Month at PHS
2023.02.06 Preschool Registration
2023.02.01 Safe Streets
2023.01.24 Operation Warm
2023.01.21 Job Fair
2023.01.03 BOE Reorganization
2023.01.03 BOE Recognition
2022.11.15 Evergreen Thanksgiving Presentation
2022.11.01 107 Birthday Cards for Ms. Nelson
2022.10.31 Teen Parenting Halloween
2022.10.18 NJSPRA 2022 Contest
2022.10.07 Streaming to Address Teacher Shortage
2022.09.30 Nita Lowey 21 CCLC
2022.09.30 Hubbard Renovations
2022.09.21 Appointment of Acting Supt
2022.09.19 Uniform Drive
2022.09.15 Hispanic HM Celebrations
2022.09.14 Vax Clinics on Back to School

2022.08.30_CONVOCATION Hub Stine Closed.pdf
2022.07.20_Proyecto Adelante (ENG).pdf

July 2021 to June 2022

2022.02.15_Selma_The Bridge to the Ballot.pdf

2022.02.07_PPSD pdfMASK BOE POLICY.pdf 


2022.01.05_BOE NewMembers.pdf



2021.11.09_NJ Joint Committtee of the Public Schools.pdf

2021.11.08_Football win by Mr. John Quinn.pdf

CACFP Media Release 21-22 Eng.pdf




2021.10.18_Advisory_C&I Forum.pdf

2021.10.08_COVIDtestingDM Mirimus.pdf

2021.09.23_HHM_Press Release 2021.pdf

2020.09.21_ Q&A.pdf


2021.08.30_Dunkin Donuts Scholarships.pdf



September 2020 to June 2021

2021.06.30_Kean Scholar Academy Inaugural Class Arrives on Campus- JRundquistRelease.pdf






2021.05.13_COVIDUPDATEVaccine Availablity to 12 year olds.pdf






2021.02.22_ReadytoOPEN_A Video Presentation (ENGLISH).pdf

2021.02.17_ADVISORY (weather).pdf



2021.01.25_PAAAS Application.pdf


2021.02.05    Plainfield Schools Celebrate Virtual Black History Month Events
                               BHM_Release 2021.pdf           

2021.02.05     Kindergarten Early Registration OPEN
                                Kindergarten (ENG)Early Registration 2-3-21.pdf

2021.02.03    Food Distribution

2021.01.15     QTN LOGO Competition Extended

2020. 12.27    BOE Welcomes Three Members
                                PressReleaseBOE - FINAL.pdf

2020.12.23    Food Service Maschio's to Provide Food an Extra Day

2020.12.23    Plainfield Schools Purchase Additional MiFis    

2020.12.23     Holiday Meals Distribution

2020.02.19      School Closure Due to Weather
                                 Advisory 12.2.19.pdf

2020.11.10       Phase II Reopening
                                 Phase II reopening Nov. 9.pdf
                                 2020.11.09_Regreso a Clases.pdf 

2020.11.04   COVID Testing Advisory
                             2020.11.04_COVID Advisory (ENG).pdf
                             2020.11.04_COVID AVISO (SPAN) - Nov. 7.pdf

2020.10.19   Phase II Reopening Announcement 

2020.10.08   Festival Latino- Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
                             2020.10.08_Festival Latino Eng.pdf

2020.09.21   Q & A Our Response
                             2020.09.21_ Q&A.pdf

2020.09.09   New School Year

2020.09.03   COVID-19 Testing
                             2020.09.01_COVIDTesting-Sept3-ENG.pdf (English)
                             2020.09.01_COVIDTesting-Sept3SPAN.pdf (Spanish)

2020. 08.12  Plainfield to Open School Virtually for the New School Year
                              2020.08.12_FullTimeOnlineLearning.pdf (English)

September 2019 to June 2020

2020.06.22.   Plainfield Public Schools Virtual Graduation 2020

2020.06.21.   Dr. Whitaker to be Keynote Speaker at PHS Graduation

2020.06.15    UCIAC Athletics Winners

2020.06.03     COVID-19 Parent Survey

2020.05.26.   Virtual Teacher Job Fair

2020.05.18    Students Use Light to Enhance Image in Photography Class

2020.05.13    Evergreen Virtual Book Fair

2020.05.06    Plainfield Schools Nurse Volunteers with COVID-19 efforts
                                Nurse DaSilva.pdf

2020l05.03     Teachers Remote Teaching and Videos

2020.04.29    PAAAS Cafe
                              PAAAS Cafe.pdf

2020.04.21    PAAAS Named Among the Best High Schools in the US
2020.04.17    Superintendent Message Video Release

2020.04.14    Plainfield Census Information Campaign
2020.09.09 Plainfield School To Observe 911
2019.12.02 School Closing Advisory 12.2.19.pdf
2019.08.21 Plainfield Administrators Donate Water to the City of Newark (Photo Release)
2019.08.21 PPSD_AdminsDonateWaterfor City of Newark.pdf
2019.08.13    Plainfield Public Schools Host Job Fair with On the Spot Hiring

2019.08.08    Meet & Greet Dr. Diana Mitchell, Superintendent of Plainfield Public Schools

2019.07.25    Plainfield Public Schools 21st Century Summer Camp Student Showcase

2019.07.18    Plainfield Public Schools Summer Camps being held 

2019.07.09    Plainfield Public Schools Name Dr. Diana Mitchell, Superintendent of Schools

September 2018 to June 2019

2019.06.26    Plainfield Public Schools Celebrate a Great Year in Sports

2019.06.24    Randy Lopez to Play in the Phil Simms North-South All Star Game

2019.06.24    Plainfield High School Graduation of the Class of 2019

2019.06.21    PAAAS Graduation of the Class of 2019
2019.06.21_PAAAS Graduation location change.pdf

2019.06.20    Maxson Middle School Promotion Ceremony

2019.06.20    Cedarbrook K-8 Center Promotion Ceremony

2019.06.19    Hubbard Middle School Promotion Ceremony

2019.06.14    Office of Early Childhood's P.I.E.C.E.S. - Presents Parent Award

2019.06.13    Office of Early Childhood Services to Implement E-Portfolio

2019.06.12    Barlow Elementary School Wins Battle of the Books Tiebreaker 

2019.06.12    Plainfield Public Schools Students Graduate from Rutgers Upward Bound Prog.

2019.06.11    Gloria Montealegre, PPSD Community Liaison, receives Rutgers Award

2019.06.06    Track Team News: Girls Track to Compete at National Tournament in N.C.

2019.06.03    Plainfield High School Teacher Introduces Students to Horseback Riding
2019.05.21    Battle of the Books To Be Held for District's Elementary & Middle Schools

2019.05.02    Statement on Lockdown Incident at Plainfield Middle School

2019.05.02     Gateway Chamber of Commerce Awards Scholarships to PPSD Students

2019.05.01    PAAAS Selected by US News & World Report Among Best HS in the US

2019.05.01    Queen City Proud - Student Performance

2019.04.23    Plainfield High School Students in Photography Experiment with Lighting

2019.04.22    BOE Statement on Resignation of Interim Superintendent

2019.04.18    Barlow Groundbreaking Ceremony

2019.04.15    Plainfield Public Schools oppose new charter

2019.04.05    Plainfield Student Debuts as  Writer/Director of play "A Hollow Place"

2019.04.01    Maxson Students to Walk for Autism

2019.03.28    Maxson Rolls Out Lockable Pouch for Student Phones

2019.03.25    All City Music & Arts Festival

2019.03.20    Plainfield Board Approves Coach Sofilkanich to Cardinals Football Teams

2019.03.20    Ms. Archibald Named Literacy Teacher of the Year
2019.03.20_ArchibaldNamedLiteracyTeacherof 2019.pdf

 2019.03.13    Plainfield High School to offer After the Bell Breakfast
                              2019.03.13 Plainfield NJ GenYouthPepsiCo Breakfast Photo Release.pdf

2019.03.08    International Women's Day Event in Trenton
2019.02.28    Debate Team Wins at Junior Congress in Arlington, VA
2019.02.28_Debate TeamatVA.pdf
2019.02.15    Educator Ms. Cheryl Hills Teacher Who Makes Magic Award

2019.02.14    Washington Community School Honor Roll Assembly
2019.02.14_Washington Community School Honor Roll Assembly.pdf

2019.02.05    Office of Early Childhood Highlights Pre-k Transition to 3rd. Grade Initiative
2019.02.05_OEC_Initiative.pdf 2019.02.05 Natatorium Rededication 2019.02.05_Natatorium_Rededication.pdf 2019.01.28 Coach Dodd Honored 2019.01.18_CoachDodd.pdf 2019.01.25 Evergreen School Children March to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2019.01.25_Evergreen_MLK_March.pdf
2019.01.23 Second Open Call for Plainfield Student Actors, Singers & Dancers 2NDAUDITIONS.pdf
2019.01.22 Saturday Academy Enrichment Program Begins 2019.01.22_Saturday Academy UnitedWay.pdf 2019.01.18 Coach William Dodd Breaks PHS Record for Wins in Wrestling 2019.01.18_WrestlingCoachDodd.pdf 2019.01.18 PAAAS Robotics Team at State Qualifiers 2019.01.18_PAAAS_RoboticsTeam at Qualifier.pdf 2019.01.17 PAAAS Theatre Studio at STANJ Competition 2019.01.17_PAAAS_STANJ Competition.pdf 2019.01.16 PHS Parent Presentation of Academic Programs for 2019-2020 School Year 2019.01.16_PHS_Educational Programs.pdf 2019.01.14 PHS Students Offered Instant Admissions by Kean University 2019.01.14_Kean_InstantAdmissions.pdf 2019.01.14 Jefferson School to Host POP Harpist Enki Bello 2019.01.14_Jefferson_EnkiBello.pdf 2019.01.07 BOE Welcomes New Member to the Board 2019.01.07_BOE_NewMember.pdf 2018.12.29 PAAAS Students Offered Instant Admission by Kean University 2018.12.29_PAAAS_Kean_Instant Admissions.pdf 2018.12.19 PAAAS Student Madison Berrios win duCret Art School Scholarship 2018.12.19_MadisonBerriosduCretScholarship.pdf 2018.12.18 PAAAS Robotics Team Partners with students at Jefferson Elementary School 2018.12.18_Robotics Team partners with Jefferson School.pdf 2018.12.13 PHS Student Playwright to Take the State in his Own Production 2018.12.13.18_Pulse_JonathanPrice.pdf 2018.12.12 Casting Call for Student Artists 2018.12.12_CastingCall to students for 150th Anniversary of City of Plainfield.pdf 2018.11.29 Plainfield Schools Go Solar! 2018.11.29_Plainfield Schools go Solar.pdf 2018.11.20 PHS Student Jonathan Campos Pinheiro wins award in art competition 2018.11.20_JonathanCamposPHS Student Wins Peace Islands Institute Award.pdf 2018.11.14 Washington Community School Book Fair - The Gift of Literacy 2018.11.14_WCS_gift of literacy 111518ENG.pdf 2018.11.14 PHS Baseball - Toran Smith Signs Letter of Intent with Coppin State University 2018.11.14_ToranSmithLetterofIntent.pdf 2018.11.12 Cook School Celebrates Veteran's Day 2018.11.12_Veterans Day at Cook School.pdf
2018.10.09 PHS College & Career Readiness Center 2018.10.09_CareerCenteratPHS.pdf 2018.10.08 PAAAS Piano Students to Perform at Atlantic City Convention 2018.10.08_PAAAS Piano Students to AC.pdf 2018.10.05 Saturday Academy Hosts NJPAC at Reading Program "Books on the Move" 2018.10.05_TitoPuenteReading.pdf 2018.10.05 PHS Hosts Author Nic Stone Visit 2018.10.05_NicStone_visit.pdf 2018.10.05 Plainfield Schools Marching Band to Attend Morgan State Homecoming 2018.10.05_MarchingBand.pdf 2018.10.01 Hispanic Heritage event NJPAC "Books on the Move" reading of Tito Puente book 2018.10.01_TitoPuentoPress ReleaseENG.pdf 2018.09.10 Plainfield Schools Boys Varsity Soccer Team Win! 2018.09.10_BoysVarsitySoccerTeamWin.pdf
2018.09.07 Volleyball Game Opener Win! 2018.09.07_Volleyball opening game win.pdf 2018.09.07 Team Championships! 2018.09.06_Team Championships.pdf 2018.08.06 Online Registration Available Now! 2018.08.06_OnlineRegistreationENG.pdf