Standard 5.1: Children develop inquiry skills.

Standard 5.2: Children observe and investigate matter and energy.

Standard 5.3: Children observe and investigate living things.

Standard 5.4: Children observe and investigate the Earth.

Standard 5.5: Children gain experience in using technology. 

New Jersey Department of Education Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards  Pages 78-84






BB. Observing and classifying

CC. Experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions

DD. Natural and physical world

EE. Tools and         technology



BB. Observar y clasificar

CC. Experimentar, predecir

y sacar conclusiones

DD. Mundo físico y natural

EE. Herramientas y


Science - Home Instruction Packet.pdf

STEM parent resource (from Boston Children’s Museum)  The goal of this curriculum is to assist preschool educators in focusing and refining the naturally inquisitive behaviors of three to five-year-olds on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

Everyday nature Simple activities for all ages and seasons 


Peep and the Big Wide World- English
Peep and the Big Wide World- Spanish
The PEEP science curriculum invites preschoolers to actively investigate their world by exploring water, sound, plants, color, shadows, and ramps (movement)  

San Diego Zoo Cam large variety of animal cameras from zoo's around the world.


Scholastic Watch and Learn  Offers videos and activities about various topics. Available in English and Spanish  

Scholastic Shareable Password 

Username: Learning20       Password: Clifford