Physical Development and Health Pre-School


Standard 2.1: Children Develop self-help and personal hygiene skills.

Standard 2.2: Children begin to develop the knowdlede and skills necessary to make nutritiuos food choices.

Standard 2.3: Children begin to develop an awareness of potential hazards in their environment.

Standarda 2.4: Children develop competence and confidence in activities that require gross-and fine-motor skills.


New Jersey Department of Education Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

Pages 33-36




I. Gross-motor skills

j. Fine-motor skills

K. Personal care and healthy behavior


Habilidades de motricidad gruesa

Habilidades de motricidad fina

Cuidado personal y comportamiento saludable





Home Instruction Packet

P & H - Home Instruction Packet

COR Family Activities 

Bean Bag Toss
Obstacle Course

Fine Motor Activities
Fine Motor Activities

Building Fine Motor Skills – Message in a backpack

Teaching Young Children

Help your Child Build Fine Motor Skills – Naeyc


Offers a free downloadable book for explaining the coronavirus to young children; available in various languages including English and Spanish

Sesame Street In Communities Offers videos, games, and other resources for talking to children about health emergencies and other topics


YouTube Videos:

Video explaining the importance of soap in handwashing

Video of a book reading: Germs Are Not For Sharing

Video explaining: How Germs Spread

Video: A children’s story about social distancing

Stop the spread of germs poster- English

Stop the spread of germs poster- Spanish

Choose my Plate

Go Noodle Offers a variety of fun and interactive videos to keep students active, engaged, and calm.