Schoology Help for Parents/Guardians

What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online tool that manages curriculum, assessments, grading and other classroom management tasks and is also a communication platform for educators and students in grades 6 -12.

This tool will be an integral part of how teachers design and implement their lesson plans, assignments and grades. They will use it to post updates to their class and communicate with parents. Parents will be able to see what their children are working on.

If you already have an account
If you need an account
(You must have a Parent Access Code)
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Presentation Materials


Thank you for participating in the Schoology for Parents sessions.  If you were unable to register or attend, 
please click on the link below to view the presentation.  You may also check with your child’s 
school for additional training opportunities.

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Schoology Parent Open House Presentations
Hosted on: August 20, 24, 26 & 27





Accessing your child’s Schoology 
Access Code from Genesis

Schoology Accessing Parent
Code From Genesis- English

Schoology Accessing Parent Code From Genesis- Spanish

First-time users to Schoology

Schoology First Time Parent Login English

Schoology First Time Parent
Login Spanish

Adding additional children to your Schoology Account

Schoology Parent adding additional child English

Schoology Parent adding additional child Spanish

Returning Schoology Users

Parent Returning Schoology Users

Parent Returning Schoology Users

Changing the 
Language Setting

Schoology Changing the Language.docx.pdf



Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions about Schoology

I already have Genesis Account, why do I need Schoology? Genesis Parent Portal is our parent application for
viewing and monitoring student's official grades and attendance. Schoology is our learning management system, it's like our online classroom.

When students have learning activities in Schoology
you can see the actual task your child completed.
For remote learning, all activities and assignments are done in Schoology.   When students return to the school building, not all learning activities and assignments are done in Schoology some are still done with pen and paper.

What are the benefits of using Schoology?
Schoology can give you a closer look at your students
learning and progress before progress reports and report card terms end.

What is the formative assessment category?
This category designates a type of assessment given to
the student. A formative assessment allows teachers to do quick checks with their students to see if they are understanding the lesson being taught. These kinds of learning activities are not for a grade.

How do I see all of my children? If you have logged into your Schoology parent account, you will see the name of one of your children at the top. Next to their name is a small while arrow to click on to see the names of your other children.  See directions above

Why can't I see my child's attendance and grades in Schoology?
Schoology is not a replacement for Genesis. Genesis is our official student records system and that is where you can find data including your student's attendance, grades, and class schedules.

How do I get the access code to join my child's Schoology course?
You will need a Schoology Parent Access code.  You can get this code in Genesis or from your child's teacher.  See directions above

Does Schoology have a mobile app?
Yes. The Schoology app is available for download from the Apple
App Store, Android App Google play or Amazon app on kindle fire.

I have multiple children in the District. Can I view all of my children under my Schoology account?
Yes. With Schoology, it's easy to add additional children to your parent account. There are step-by-step directions on how to add additional children here.

How do I contact my child's teacher?
The best way to contact your child's teacher is via email through the schoology messaging center.

Who do I contact when I need help?
Email [email protected]