Special Services

Welcome to the Office of Special Education for the Plainfield Public Schools. The Office of Special Education provides quality coordinated special education programs and other related support services for 1606 students with disabilities as mandated by N.J. C.A 6A:14. Thirty-three dedicated full-time professionals coordinate the provision of seven distinctly different programs and multiple related services to 15 in-district schools and many out-of-district schools. Special Education programs are also critical in the development of activities to address a variety of global school-based issues and concerns surrounding achievement and maximizing student potential. The department provides professional development for district support personnel in areas of state-mandated training, best practices for instruction, and specific areas of disabilities.

The Office of Special Education works collaboratively with general education programs and Intervention and Referral Services to provide early intervening services and reduce referrals with programs to assist students whose academic performance is negatively impacted by academic, social, emotional, behavior and health issues.

The Office of Special Education is responsible for the following areas:

· Identification and evaluation of students who may have an educational disability

· Development of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

· Development and oversight of special education programs and services


The Office of Special Education provides a continuum of individualized programs to meet each student's unique learning needs. In Special Services we want our students to feel they are in a community where everyone belongs and is accepted. Our primary goal is to provide the "least restrictive environment" for each student to foster success.