Out of School Programs

We are excited to begin our out of school time and school based youth services school year!! Thank you in advance for your support in preparing your children to face the challenges we have faced the past two years. Your dedication to your children, our staff, and the schools has not gone unnoticed!! Student Services is committed to supporting you to make this a year of healing, learning, connecting, coming together, and thriving. We recognize this includes monitoring and safeguarding our district-wide community as COVID-19 continues. We will continue to support and participate collaboratively in all our work efforts. We are appreciative of your support of as we work toward acknowledgement, acceptance, and advocacy for all students, staff, and members of our local community. We are committed to transition our after school programs into STEAM focused activities while also providing academic support to students in all their content areas, including those on home instruction.


This may not be an easy year, it may be, who knows yet? We have no idea how long things with the pandemic will proceed. Please be patient and willing to adjust to whatever we face. If there is more that Student Services or I can do to help you, let US know. We are happy to listen and do everything in our power to improve your and your children’s lives. We all have scars and wounds from the last two school years. Many of us are fragile, worn out, and still suffering from isolation. Be kind to yourselves, be kind to one another, be kind to the children, and be kind to those people who are currently behaving in an aggressive or uncaring way. Trust me when I advise you that your kindness will be rewarded in magnificent ways!! I’d like to encourage you to reach out to people who seem lost or alone, they may need the connection more than ever. Each and every one of you are important and valued!! We recognize that we cannot prosper and your children will not achieve without ensuring all of your safety and wellness. If you or your children need to take a minute to recover or rest, do so. Sometimes we need a moment of clarity, as rapper Jay Z reminds us😊 If it means focusing on healing and the well-being of each other, then do so. Learning happens when children are secure and ready. Teaching happens when teachers are secure and ready. We are continuing to travel an unknown path, expect and understand that things will be different. Different doesn’t mean we abandon our responsibilities, oh no, different just means that we identify and execute our duties in innovative and fun ways.

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