ESL/Bilingual Education/World Language

Ms. Marie Maldonado
Supervisor of K-6 Bilingual, ESL and World Languages
[email protected]

Mr. Jay Rossin
Supervisor of 6-12 Bilingual, ESP and World Languages
[email protected]

Ms. Ivette Perez
i[email protected]

Contact information: 908-731-4200 

The World Languages curriculum is spiraling and recursive and aligned to appropriate proficiency targets designed to enable the attainment of proficiency at the Novice-High level or above by the time of high school graduation. All students have regular, sequential instruction in one or more world languages beginning in elementary school and through their sophomore year of high school. The World Languages curriculum is based the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. It infuses technology, and integrates the 21st Century Life and Careers standards.

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