Bilingual K-5 (50/50 Model)


The district's Bilingual/ESL Program takes into account the proven body of evidence that links the influence of native language development with academic achievement. The long-term research data demonstrates that the more the native language is academically supported (in combination with balanced second language development) the higher English Language Learners will be able to achieve academically in all content areas (math, science, social studies etc.) English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is an integral part of each bilingualchild's day, being delivered both by the classroom teacher and the ESL teacher. Students are provided ESL services using an all inclusive model. Classroom teachers participate in ESL instructional delivery in close collaboration with a state certified ESL teacher. The classroom teacher and the ESL teacher jointly review test data from various sources (New Jersey Student Learning Assessment..NJSLA and ACCESS) to determine student individual needs and develop and implement instructional goals/objectives which will increase students’ achievement on standardized tests.  ESL instruction fosters cognitive development in all subject areas, by using English as the language of instruction (not the object of the language of instruction (not the object of instruction), consistent with Content-Based ESL models.

Program Highlights:

  • Provides instruction for the English Language Learner in the mostappropriate program format, in accordance with New Jersey English Language Proficiency Standards(ACCESS Standards) 
  • Promotes acceptance of Bilingual / ESL instruction as an integral part of the whole school reform program
  • Promotes understanding and respect for diversity by students, parents, staff and community 
  • Enhances the student's self-esteem and promotes a positive school climate
  • Evaluates results and makes adjustments as warranted to address student learning at both school based and district levels
  • Supports staff development on cultural and linguistic diversity, sheltered instruction, performance based assessment and second language acquisition strategies / methodologies
  • Addresses issues relating to staffing shortages and instructional / organizational arrangements
  • Communicates success of Bilingual / ESL programs to the students, parents, district and community
  • Actively promotes parental involvement as an integral part of a student's education by providing parents with Spanish translations of all district correspondence. 


ESL services are provided by certified ESLteachers to all English language learners.  K to 5 ESL teachers push into and support all the ELL’s in both bilingual and mainstream classrooms for a minimum of 1 period per day. ESL teachers push into the classroom using a variety of co-teaching approaches and language acquisition strategies.


All the elementary schools in the district offer Spanish instruction to all students in grades K-5. Students receive two 45-minute periods of Spanish instruction weekly. Students in grades K-5 learn by doing, by trying out language, and by modifying it to serve their communicative needs.

The instructional goals in the district’s World Languages Program are based on NJSL Standards that are aligned to the Five C’s for Foreign Language Education: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Community.