Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS)

Each school has a multidisciplinary I&RS/NJTSS team to ensure supports for the needs of all students. Plainfield Public Schools has established and implemented a coordinated system in each school building for the planning and delivery of Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) that are designed to assist students who are experiencing learning, behavioral or health concerns and to assist staff who have difficulties in addressing students learning, behavioral or health needs. 

The I&RS/NJTSS process is aligned with the NJTSS state guidelines whose goal is to support staff in meeting the needs of students who are experiencing learning, behavioral, and/or health issues that directly impact student achievement. Our I&RS/NJTSS teams provide services to staff for the benefit of students. Through the different steps that comprise the I&RS/NJTSS process, students are directed to appropriate services in the school and community. This will also include monitoring of services to assure compliance and consultation on an as-needed basis.

For more information or questions about your child’s I&RS/NJTSS team, please contact your school’s principal or the Office of Interventions. 


Plainfield Public Schools NJTSS Handbook

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